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  • AALEAD’s 3rd Annual Eid Celebration

    By Melor Suhaimi, AALEAD Staff Photos courtesy of AALEAD Staff & Youth To me, Eid is a special time where I get to spend time with my family, eat a lot of food, and enjoy the holiday! And for the third time in AALEAD history, I was able to spend the Eid holiday with the AALEAD family last Friday night. Our Muslim youth collaborated every lunch period during AALEAD's MD Summer Kinect program to brainstorm and plan ideas for our 3rd Annual Eid Celebration. AALEADers wanted to share the tra

  • VA High School Staff Introduction: Shaima Ahmad

    Hi my name is Shaima Ahmad and I am the VA High School Program Coordinator. I began at AALEAD as a DC Elementary School Summer Program teacher. I was able to make such a strong connection with the kids that I found it hard to say goodbye, and it was hook, line and sinker for me.  I transitioned over to the role of Site Coordinator for our program at Thomson Elementary School, where I have continued working over the past year. What I love about working with AALEAD is the sense of fa

  • New MD High School Staff Introduction: Ari Pak

    [caption id="attachment_9914" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The group at the wonderful Eid celebration from last Friday, organized by the amazing Eid Squad! Photo Credit: AALEAD Youth"]

    Goodbye for Now, AALEAD!

    By Alex Neeley, DC Elementary School Program Intern Photo Courtesy of AALEAD Staff As the DC Elementary School Summer Program came to a close, I sat in a classroom recalling the past five weeks. Where had all the time gone? It seemed like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in a circle in the Tiger Class, imploring the students to take part in an icebreaker. Now as the program comes to an end, it amazes me how many fun experiences we have had together and how quickly I have built relations

  • Becoming AALEAD Family

    By Heein Choi, Development & Communications Intern Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff It is amazing how much can happen over such a short period of time. For the little time I have been interning for Asian American LEAD (AALEAD), I have learned from the youth, my supervisors, and my peers. I was fortunate enough to experience AALEAD as a whole these past seven weeks. Starting from the DC office, I saw the grueling process that staff had to endure in order to make all of AALEAD’s programs pos

  • Reflections on My AALEAD Summer

    By Laura Ma, DC Elementary School Program Intern Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff My seven week internship with Asian American LEAD's (AALEAD) Elementary  School Program has been - to put it frankly - awesome. Although the time was short, I felt comfortable very quickly with all of the staff, teachers, and kids. I was hopeful about this internship when I left my semester of study in Shanghai not only because I would be able to continue using my Chinese, but also because I would be able to inter

  • Reflections on My MAC Summer

    By Bhadon Shalakin, Mentoring Program Intern Photo Courtesy of Tina Ngo, AALEAD Staff Hello, it's me, Bhadon. This will be my last official blog as an Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) Mentoring and Volunteer Program Intern. I truly have had the best summer in a long time thanks to AALEAD. I started off the summer hopeful, but was still nervous about working with students in such a new capacity. However, as the summer progressed, so did I. Each workshop I led helped build more confidence in myself.

  • Gratitude & Reflections on Summer Kinect

    By David Ma, MD Program Intern Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff & Students The past 6 weeks have been a really memorable experience for me. Although I've participated in Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) summer programs for the previous two years as a high school student leader, I've never seen the programming through the eyes of a staff member before. No one really expects it, but there is a lot of work being done behind the scenes, especially with the paper work.  Now that I think back on all

  • AALEAD MAC: A Fun Finale!

    By Bhadon Shalakin, Mentoring Program Intern Photos Courtesy of Tina Ngo, AALEAD Staff

    Two weeks ago, the Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) Mentoring Advisory Council (MAC) students celebrated the end of the summer program by joining the elementary school students at Six Flags! Everyone was excited for this day after weeks of hard work. Our trip began with a bus ride, which was spent getting to know each other further through the game 20 Questions. We were asked our favorite movies and w

  • DC Elementary School Program Final Week!

    By Laura Ma, DC Elementary School Program Intern Photo Courtesy of AALEAD Staff To wrap up our blog posts for the final week of our amazing summer program, I have interviewed both members of the staff and students to get their take on their summer with Asian American LEAD (AALEAD). It has certainly been a busy five weeks for staff and students alike, so let's see what they had to say about our field trips, workshops, and the summer as a whole! Intervie

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