Yearly Archives: 2016

  • Gentrification in DC’s Chinatown

    By Yonsoo Kang, VA Middle School Program Coordinator, & Naijla Faizi, DC Middle & High School Program Coordinator Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff and SaeHee Chun from NAKASEC Happy October everyone! [caption id="attachment_14528" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

  • Meet Our Heroes: Youth Workers with a Mission

    By Charles Kuo, DC Programs Manager Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff AALEAD Heroes!  

    I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.- Maya Angelou

  • The Return of the Youth to AALEAD VA

    By Yonsoo Kang, VA Programs Coordinator Photo Courtesy by AALEAD Staff   Hello again! AALEAD VA Summer Horizons finished with an amazing trip to Six Flags after six weeks of fun and intense activities. [caption id="attachment_14489" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

  • A Year in Review: Favorite Top Ten Moments from MD Programs

    By Keo Xiong, MD Programs Manager Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff   This year marks the 10th anniversary of Asian American LEAD's expansion into Montgomery County, Maryland! We are excited to celebrate ten years of service to the many youth and families of Montgomery County Public Schools, and look forward to sharing with you the stories and successes of our partnership over the past years. As we prepare to kick off programming next week at our nine middle and high school sites th

  • Eugenia’s AALEAD Volunteer Journey

    By Eugenia, AALEAD Volunteer Photo Courtesy of Chelsea Iorlano, Development & Communications Associate The AALEAD Volunteer Journey Becoming a member of AALEAD this summer was one of the best decisio

  • Back-to-School Memories with AALEAD

    By Chelsea Iorlano, Development & Communications Associate Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff   Across Washington, DC, Montgomery County, MD, and Fairfax County, VA, summer break has ended and school is officially back in session. From planning lunch recruitment sessions to meeting with school staff and administrators, from printing intake forms to writing program lesson plans, AALEAD staff are hard at work preparing for another school year of successful programs. As staff work dil

  • The Beginning of my Journey with AALEAD

    By Naijla Faizi, DC Middle and High School Program Coordinator Photos Courtesy of Naijla Faizi Hi AALEAD Family & Friends!!   I am excited to be your new DC Middle & High School Program Coordinator! Prior to this full-time role at AALEAD, I was most recently the Summer Intern for AALEAD’s DC Middle & High School Summer Program. I had the pleasure of getting to know many of the youth that will be i

  • Isang Bagsak: A Farewell to AALEAD

    AALEAD DC Holiday PartyGoodbyes and farewells are never easy. They are not meant to be but they are necessary. They are necessary in how we make decisions. They are necess

  • Every Ending Has a New Beginning!

    By Ha Nguyen, VA Summer Program Intern Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff It is hard to believe that the Summer Horizons program at Virginia has come to an end! I guess the saying is true: Time flies when you are having fun. Over the course of the summer, our middle school and high school youth have come together, persevering through challenges and achieving goals that our staff had set for our program; and at the same time have managed to build a strong bond with one another. At the final day

  • And So Our Journey Comes to an End. . . Sort of!

    By Nikki Febrer, MD Summer Programs Intern Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff   It’s hard to believe five weeks have passed since the start of Maryland’s Summer Thrive Program. In their final week, youth dedicated their time to working on their PSA videos and poster app challenges. Although no blood, sweat, or tears were actually shed, there was no denying the amount of hard work and effort put forth when each group presented their final projects. I was impressed and awed by their a

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