Farewell from My

Immediately following college, I wanted to make a difference, and do something meaningful with my time.  That was how I found myself interested in working with AALEAD, and my time spent at AALEAD has been much more than just meaningful. But every hello ends with a goodbye. I just want to take this time to thank […]

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Gifts for the Homeless Clothing Drive

By Keo Xiong, MD Middle School Program Coordinator Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff In the United States, 2.5 million children under 18 years old were homeless in 2013, according to a new report, “America’s Youngest Outcasts,” published by the National Center on Family Homelessness. To put that number into perspective, it means 1 in every […]

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Reflections On My AALEAD Internship

By Dong Zhou, DC Elementary School Program Intern Photos Courtesy of April Kim, DC Elementary School Program Teacher The time passed by so fast. I can’t believe my fall internship is ending! This was my first internship ever, and I received many unique experiences from it. First of all, I am touched by Asian American […]

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Food for Thought: Turning Passions into Careers

By Keo Xiong, MD Middle School Program Coordinator Photos Courtesy of Keo Xiong, MD Middle School Program Coordinator AALEADers love food. They love to eat food. They love talk about food. They love to cook food. They love to create new food dishes. In AALEAD, we spend a lot of time learning about different cultures […]

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