Anu Sharma

Anu was born in Nepal, grew up in the U.S. for most of her life, and speaks fluent Nepali. It was difficult for Anu to navigate society as a young person due to her socioeconomic position, race, gender, and a general lack of sustained adult support. In college, Anu found independence and began connecting her experiences to various communities she felt a sense of belonging in. During that time, she understood her identity as both personal and shared. With a background in Sociology and Women’s / Gender Studies, it has been helpful for Anu to apply her critical thinking skills to organizing community power. She intends to have her contributions to youth development be rooted in creativity, envisioning and practicing a space that prioritizes empathy, trust, and well-being. AALEAD programs provide our youth the tools build up their own voice, sense of self, and collective agency in order to define their lives the way they choose to. As a coordinator for the MD high school program, Anu is energized and prepared to facilitate that process.

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