Freidricka Camille

Freidricka is a first generation Filipina-American who was born and raised in the Philippines for eleven years before moving to the United States. Her personal background as an immigrant youth has given her the unique opportunity to explore the meaning of identity, community, mutual understanding, as well as differing cultural and community perspectives at a young age. With her family, she found herself to be a “cultural translator” for relatives whose perception of American culture and society was shaped by the reach of Hollywood influence in the Philippines. With her friends, Freidricka found herself sharing anything from cuisine, traditions, to historical context and perspective in order to show another side of the Philippines, which is often portrayed from a limited lens in the American media.

The desire to facilitiate and develop mutual understanding between cultures led Freidricka to pursue work with various organizations that align with her personal mission statement: to learn and share culture with others to build a community where people feel whole. In her free time, Freidricka enjoys playing strategic boards (such as Settlers of Catan, Pandemic Iberia, and Ticket to Ride to name a few), biking, hiking, doing yoga, cooking, and reading about the Third Culture Kid/Adult experience.

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