Mylynh Nguyen

With each cherished opportunity Mylynh has to work directly with AALEAD’s amazing and inspiring youth, she is reminded of her own childhood and how much she would have benefited from a program like AALEAD while she was growing up.  As a second generation Vietnamese American, born and raised in a predominately white working class town, Mylynh witnessed her immigrant family struggle to find linguistically and culturally competent resources to get started off on the right foot.  Instead of embracing her cultural identity as a child, she lacked the pride and confidence to share this part of herself with others.  It wasn’t until she left her home community and enrolled as a first generation college student at a culturally diverse university that she was able to reconcile what it meant for her to be Asian, what it meant for her to be American, and what it meant for her to be Asian American.  It was through sharing and learning from others that she developed the confidence to define herself and her own life’s passions.  Through her varied professional experiences, Mylynh has supported underrepresented youth to gain access and equal opportunity toward achieving their personal and academic goals.  Prior to AALEAD, she served as the Assistant Director at the Center for Multicultural Equity & Access at Georgetown Univeristy and Director/Coordinator of TRIO Upward Bound at Hagerstown Community College.  Mylynh is enthusiastic about social justice work that empowers youth through education and leadership, while also providing opportunities for youth to grow in their own identities and to feel comfortable exchanging knowledge and ideas among individuals of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

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