Neel Saxena

Pronouns: He/Him/His

“Laughter is the language of the soul” by Pablo Neruda captures me literally and figuratively. I am always looking for any opportunity to make a terrible joke and boisterously laugh the fullest even if I am the only one laughing. My perspective and focus on youth development is rooted in positivity and my outlook on life follows the same positive trajectory.  I am blessed to have wonderful parents who immigrated from India in 1960 and have always been so supportive of me, which allowed me to go on to the University of Maryland and find my passion to support low-income and underserved Asian Pacific American youth. Now as a parent of three young boys and the Executive Director at Asian American LEAD, I work to create a positive space where young people can gain the tools to make the world into what they want it to be. On a personal level, I hope to take my DIY woodworking hobby to the next level and become part of that Pinterest utopia that has eluding me for all these years.

Professional Bio

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