Saadia Ahmad

Born and raised in Pakistan, Saadia is a first generation Pakistani who moved to America 7 years back. She did her bachelor’s in Fashion and Textile Design from Pakistan School of Fashion Design; a school affiliated with Paris Fashion School, before moving to London, UK. Her short 3 years in London were eventful and led her to find her passion in youth work. She fell in love with the idea of helping young people recognizing their strengths and reach their full potential when she started working closely with youth with High Functioning Autism Disorder (Asperger’s Syndrome) at a Primary School near her house. Her relocation to Rockville, Maryland after that, further gave her opportunities to see diverseness; from socioeconomic, racial and cultural diversity to neurodiversity her exposure to ‘diverse’ diversity happened at AALEAD. The organization’s mission of serving a bracket of minority youth who are low-income, underserved, and whose focus is on identity really struck a chord for her. As she comes from a minority group herself, who are denied of basic human rights and are disenfranchised in Pakistan; issues related to fighting discrimination and injustice are important to her. She started as a Program Teacher at AALEAD in February 2016, where she further got an opportunity to grow personally and professionally and got an insight on the huge opportunity-gap for some communities. She wants to continue working with such communities, where every youth is provided with a true opportunity to learn and eliminate achievement gaps.

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