Kendell Maliszeski

Kendell Maliszeski is a Project Coordinator of Asian American Lead (AALEAD), whose primary focus is planning The Self-Care Journey Event happening this 2023. She is beyond excited to combine her personal, professional, and education along with her passion for Global Mental Health Awareness to the project. 

During her time studying Global Health and Anthropology at Arizona State University, obtaining her BA, she began to develop her passion for working to improve the lives of those who have been culturally misrepresented and stigmatized within communities. She believes that everyone should have an equal and fair opportunity to be who they are without fear or judgment. 

Professionally, Kendell has had the opportunity to research and understand how much of an impact cross-cultural bond syndromes can affect a person’s life and well-being. With her project coordinator background, she continues to help those in communities who are underserved to make sure they are getting the resources needed. She also hopes to continue into her MA program one day. She has been described as a passionate advocate and a team player.  

During her free time, she likes spending time with her family, dogs, and bunny. She enjoys running and outdoor activities. She also loves trying new restaurants and loves matcha, along with enjoying art and baking!

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