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  • Youth Spotlight: Airah’s ECAASU 2015 Reflections

    By Airah, Current AALEAD Youth Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff

    Last month from February 20th to February 22nd, I went with AALEAD to the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) Conference held at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. There were 9 students selected from AALEAD students and I felt really honored to be selected as one of the attendees to represent my school and AALEAD. I was really excited to go because I got to learn things that I am passionate about a

  • MD AALEADers Visit Annapolis

    By Antwoine Johnson, MD Middle School Program Coordinator Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff Despite the cold weather on the morning of Friday, March 27th, fourteen MD high school and middle school AALEADers were well prepared to travel to the city of Annapolis​, MD​. Upon our arrival, we ​made our way to the Maryland ​State House, located in the heart of Annapolis​.​​ To get there, we walked ​through Main Street, a scenic path with many shops and local attractions. Inside the

  • AALEADers Compete in a National Essay Scholarship Contest

    By Ari Pak, MD High School Program Coordinator Imagine this: You are a high school student and it’s been a long week of tests, classes, and extra-curriculars. As good as that extra hour of sleep sounds, you pull yourself out of bed at an unreasonably early hour, and come into the AALEAD office on a chilly Saturday morning. You sit down to a computer, a ticking clock, and the following prompt: “Between 1865 and 1869, more than 15,000 Chinese migrants worked towards the construction of Ameri

  • Up & Coming: AALEAD’s 16th Annual Dinner

    Please join Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) for our 16th Annual Dinner on Wednesday, June 3, 2015. The event will take place at the Silver Spring Civic Building in Downtown Silver Spring,

  • Message from the ED: Thank you, AALEAD Family!

    March has been an exciting month for AALEAD.  Our programs are going strong and we are lucky to be supported by an amazing extended family! Thank you to all of you who supported our Aspire to LEAD Lunch!  We are grateful that despite the snow and the resulting need to reschedule, that we had 180 supporters join us on March 12th.  It was another w

  • George Washington University College Prep Conference

    By Shaima Ahmad, VA High School Program Coordiantor Photos Courtesy of Ari Pak, AALEAD Staff When asked to reflect on their experience at the College Preparation Conference in one word, AALEAD high school students said: enlightening....informative...more comfortable...knowledge...excited...clear! These few sentiments reflect the insights provided at this conference for high school students hosted by the George Washington University Vietnamese Student Association. 16 AALEAD youth participated i

  • MD Middle School and High School Youth Collaborate

    By Melor Suhaimi, MD Programs Manager Photos Courtesy of Melor Suhaimi On Saturday, March 14th, AALEAD's MD middle and high school Youth Council leaders came together to discuss and meet about future collaborative projects. Even though the school year is coming to an end, there are upcoming projects and events that our MD Youth Council leaders are planning for. With the first meeting of the year that included both AALEAD's MD middle and high school Youth Council leaders, the meeting kicked of

  • Thank You for Aspiring to LEAD!

    Thank you for Aspiring to LEAD!

    Last Thursday, March 12, Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) hosted our Aspire to LEAD lunch fundraiser at Woo Lae Oak Restaurant with 180 guests in attendance. While we "aspire to lead" throughout the year in various ways, our lunch was a special opportunity for community members to learn about the impact we are having on our youth through

  • AALEAD Mentoring Twirls & Whirls at the Ice Rink!

    By Tina Ngo, AALEAD Staff Photos Courtesy of Tina Ngo, AALEAD Staff This past weekend, eight AALEAD mentoring pairs joined us for a wonderful day filled with ice skating, fun, and friendship at the National Gallery of Art

  • Bancroft Bulletin: Celebrating Lunar New Year

    By Madeline Sumida, Elementary Program Teacher & Site Coordinator Photo Courtesy of AALEAD Student Through the end of February and early March, AALEAD students at Bancroft Elementary School celebrated and learned about the Lunar New Year by sharing their family traditions and exploring unfamiliar ways of welcoming the New Year! By comparing and contrasting the holiday in China, Korea, and Vietnam, students learned about the common origin of the spring festival as well a

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