About Montgomery County, MD

Montgomery County, MD is the most populous county in Maryland. It is home to 161,300 Asian Americans. Asian Americans make up 16% of Montgomery County’s population with 6% living below the poverty line. In 2013, 31% were limited English proficient and 71% were foreign born.The 2013-2014 MCPS School profiles show that 14.4% of the public school population is made up of Asian American youth; more than 7,000 Asian American youths qualify for FARMS.


  • In Montgomery County, MD, we serve middle and high school youth in the Down County region.
  • We serve youth twice a week after school on-site at three middle schools: Parkland, Julius West, Newport Mill.
  • We serve youth twice a week after school on-site at three high schools: Blair, Einstein and Wheaton.

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Free Four Week Summer Program for Maryland Middle and High School Students

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At AALEAD, we help youth to access more opportunities for activities, events, community engagement and leadership development. The 2022 Summer Program theme is Crossroads: Your Journey Awaits. This year’s program will focus on the development of leadership skills, identity development, mental health and creative writing. Fill out the Interest Form

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