Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • AALEAD: A Second Home

    By Charles Kuo, DC Elementary School Program Coordinator Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff Mr. Charles helps Selena with homework

  • AALEAD Park Clean-Up: Lessons Learned

    By Diane Bui, Yonsoo Kang, and Stephanie Lim, AALEAD staff Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff On Saturday, April 16th, AALEADers in DC, Maryland, and Virginia participated in our annual Park Clean-Up event. We all spent the morning learning about the value of community service, the importance of recycling, and the choices we can make as individuals and communities to protect the Earth from harm. [caption id="attachment_14131" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

    3 Things to Remember When Working with Youth

    By YLan Nguyen, MD Programs Intern Hey everyone, it’s YLan again! I’m entering the ninth week of my internship with AALEAD and I’ve been learning a lot about youth work. Last week, I attended a training called “Structure and Clear Limits” hosted by the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality that focused on encouraging youth engagement and productivity by establishing a safe environment. Here are some of my biggest takeawa

  • Networking AALEAD Style

    By Yonsoo Kang, VA Middle School Program Coordinator Photos Courtesy of Yonsoo Kang Hello hello! Spring is finally here and my allergies are not acting up for the first time in my life! Our youth in VA had some interesting experiences during February and March. In February, we learned about famous Black activists, artists, and leaders in the US and around the world during Black History Month. In March, VA Programs Intern Eileen and I helped our youth to become young professionals by expos

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