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  • How Mentors Impact Lives

    By Vi Bui, Youth Mentoring & Volunteer Programs Coordinator Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff The end of National Mentoring Month (aka January) marks 11 months that I have worked at AALEAD as the Youth Mentoring & Volunteer Programs Coordinator and over the course of this year I have learned so much about the importance of mentors in the Asian Pacific American community. Here are just a few ways mentors impact lives.

    1. Mentors support their mentees in pursuing new

    2. Mentor and Family Appreciation Potluck: An Afternoon of Building Community

      By Freidricka Camille, Community College and Internship Programs Coordinator Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff In honor of National Mentoring Month, AALEAD hosted a Mentor and Appreciation Potluck this past weekend. The Mentoring Team organized the event with the purpose of recognizing the youth mentors and community col

    3. 5 Questions for AALEAD’s Mentor of the Year Nominee

      By Stephanie T., Current AALEAD Mentor Photo Courtesy of Stephanie T.
      Every year AALEAD has a chance to nominate one of our mentors for the Mentoring Matters Coalition Mentor of the Year Award. This year we have nominated one of our Youth Mentors, Stephanie T., who has demonstrated that mentoring can go beyond a formal relationship between an adult and a young person to become a close sisterh

    4. Reflections of a Student on the College Mentoring Program

      by Aisha M., Current AALEAD Student at Montgomery College Photo Courtesy of AALEAD Staff I was  recently matched with a coach three months ago, and I am very excited to get to know her on a personal level and to learn her educational experiences, current job, and life stories. My coach's name is Donna, and she received her Master of Public Health at George Washington University. She now works at A Wider Circle, an non-profit organization that helps families get out of poverty by providing w

    5. AALEAD Mentoring Program Celebrates 20 Years: National Mentoring Month Kick Off

      By Vi Bui, Youth Mentoring & Volunteer Programs Coordinator Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff Did you hear? January 2018 is National Mentoring Month and this year, AALEAD, as well as our Mentoring Programs, celebrate 20 years of serving youth in the DC area community. In 1998, Ms. Sandy Dang founded AALEAD and the Youth Mentoring Program has been with us ever since as one of our oldest programs. Although the model of our Youth Mentoring Program has changed throughout the years, in its curr

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