Monthly Archives: March 2018

  • Joint Program with Promising Futures – experience and what youth learned

    By Stephanie Lim, DC Middle & High School Program Coordinator Photos Courtesy of Stephanie Lim   What happens when two youth-serving organizations come together? Recently, a group of AALEAD’s DC Middle & High School youth had an opportunity to lead a joint program with youth from P

  • What Leadership Means to Us

    By Pallavi Rudraraju, VA Middle School Program Coordinator Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff   This week marks the first full week of Spring (regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil has to say about it), and with fast-approaching, warm weather and bright sunshine comes a new focus on leadership and career exploration in the VA Middle School programs. Last week, VAMS youth had wo

  • Practicing Leadership Through Facilitation

    By Diane Bui, MD High School Program Coordinator Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff One of the most exciting leadership opportunities AALEAD youth have is the chance to serve on our yearly youth council. Youth meet on a monthly basis to discuss what they hope to accomplish in programs, and help support planning events for their fellow AALEAD peers.

    Meet the AALEAD Board

    By Neel Saxena, Executive Director Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Board The AALEAD Board is a group of individuals who are responsible for overseeing the AALEAD's activities and meet periodically to discuss and vote on the affairs of the organization.  AALEAD's Board is made up of 12 individuals representing 8 Asian ethnic groups as well as a balance of other identities that reflect AALEAD’s families including varied religions, educational attainment, age, gender, and careers. The primary r

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