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  • VAMS Youth Council Explores Ice Cream Flavors!

    By: Amanda C., VAMS Youth Council Member Photos courtesy from various sources Summer is just around the corner, in 57 days to be exact! For many students, summer means, hot and sunny days, pools, no school, vacation time, and my personal favorite; food! There are many different types of treats kids like to eat in the summer, a very popular one being Ice Cream. You probably know about the usual and basic flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Mint Chocolate Chip. These are actually the mo

  • Mental Health is Always on Our Minds

    By: Ari Pak, Programs Co-Director

    Photos courtesy of AALEAD staff

    Did you know that 1 in 5 youth ages 13-18 has a serious mental illness (National Alliance for Mental Illness)? According to the

    [Intern Spotlight] Welcome Salena & Chris!

    By Salena Chaudhry, Mentoring Program Intern and Chris Chung, Volunteer Program Intern

    Photo courtesy by AALEAD Staff

  • [Youth Reflection] AALEAD through my eyes

    By Ha Nguyen, Development & Communications Associate

    Artwork by AALEAD youth

    Spring finally arrives with days becoming longer, weather getting a bit warmer and of course with many trees blossoming with vibrant flowers. Here at AALEAD, youth are ready to spring into action by starting to take leads on facilitating workshops for their peers during AALEAD progra

  • You are invited to Aspire to LEAD!

    You are invited to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) at our upcoming Aspire to LEAD Breakfast & Fundraiser this May!

    Listen to stories from local APA youth, network with local leaders, and lear

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