Monthly Archives: July 2019

  • Youth Passion Statements

    By: Charles Kuo, DC Programs Manager

    Photos courtesy of AALEAD Staff

  • MD AALEADers Kick Off Summer Program

    By: Jamie Fleishman, MD Middle School Program Coordinator

    Photos courtesy of AALEAD Staff

    This July, Maryland programs celebrated the start of their Summer Program at Parkland Magnet Middle School in Rockville, Maryland. Summer program participants come from middle and high schools within Montgomery County, and have the opportunity to explore and understand the 2019

  • MD Ignite Summer Orientation Camp Highlights

    By: YLan Nguyen, MD Programs Manager

    Photos courtesy of AALEAD Staff

    To kick off AALEAD Ignite Summer Program, Maryland Summer Youth Program Coordinators (SYPCs) embarked on a long-distance three-day camping trip at Denton Wesleyan Camp in Denton, MD. SYPCs play a key role in the AALEAD Summer Program by being the leaders for program participants as well as supportin

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