Monthly Archives: September 2021

  • AALEAD Visits the Washington Spirit

    By Liana Shivers, VA Programs Manager
    Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff

    Do you remember your first in-person soccer game? The bright stadium lights, the green grassy field (is it real grass or fake grass - you wonder), the buzz of energy in the air right before the game kicks off? For a few AALEAD youth and staff, it was Sunday August 22nd when AALEAD was invited as a Game Day Partner to the Washington Spiri

  • Join our DC 2021-2022 After-School Program

    Join us this school year for our HYBRID After-School Program!
    - HIGH SCHOOL (starting in late September 2021)
    - MIDDLE SCHOOL (starting in October-November 2021)
    - We will be operating virtually with in-person opportunities!

    We support low-income and underserved Asian Pacific American youth with educational empowerment, identity developm

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