• Mental Health is Always on Our Minds

    By: Ari Pak, Programs Co-Director

    Photos courtesy of AALEAD staff

    Did you know that 1 in 5 youth ages 13-18 has a serious mental illness (National Alliance for Mental Illness)? According to the

    #HashtagActivism in the VA Programs

    By Pallavi Rudraraju, VA Middle School Program Coordinator

    Photos courtesy by Pallavi Rudraraju

    This week, AALEAD youth in Fairfax County learned about Hashtag Activism, a form of Digital Organizing.

    Love Your Heart

    By Neel Saxena, Executive Director

    Photos from various sources

    By Neel Saxena, Executive Director

    Photos Courtesy of Freidricka Camille, College and Career Mentoring Program Coordinator

    AALEAD’s approach to out-of-school time p

  • A Cultural disPLACEment

    By Neel Saxena, Executive Director

    Photo courtesy of Taquiena Boston

    On Thursday, October 18, 2019, Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) connected with the Consumer Health Foundation (CHF) to help celebrate their 20th Anniversary with a tour of DC’s Chinatown and share #ThisFireBurnin inside youth whose history has been erased and ignored. CHF advocates for racial eq

  • “I potentially want to be that adult that I needed in High School.”

    By Aaron Orpilla, DC Middle & High School Program Coordinator; and Iftakhar Alam, Communications Intern

    Photo Courtesy of Aaron Orpilla

  • “I could not have done this alone.”

    By Stephanie Lim, former DC Middle & High School Program Coordinator

    Photos Courtesy of Stephanie Lim and AALEAD Staff

    At the time of writing, it is the Monday of my last week at Asian American LEAD. I have cleaned out most of my desk and organized it for the next coordinator. I have packed most of the notes and cards I’ve received from youth, former i

  • My Favorite AALEAD Moments, pt4.

    By Vi Bui, Youth Mentoring & Volunteer Programs Coordinator; Freidricka Camille, College & Career Mentoring Programs Coordinator; and Ha Nguyen, Development & Communications Associate

    Photos courtesy of AALEAD Staff

    Founded in 1998, AALEAD initially served the large Vietnamese refugee community in the Columbia Heights area of Washington DC. As the dem

  • My Favorite AALEAD Moment, pt1.

    By: Pallavi Rudrataju, VA Middle School Program Coordinator; and Ha Nguyen, Development & Communications Associate

    Photo Courtesy of AALEAD Staff

    The Back to School season is finally upon us. Here at AALEAD, this is the time where our program staff work even more diligently together to kick off the AALEAD's After School and Mentoring Programs for the new

  • 2018 Summer Program Interns – Final Reflections

    By Sharon Rajadurai, VA Summer Program Intern; Alani Fujii, MD Summer Program Intern; and Ha Nguyen, Development & Communications Associate

    Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff

    On August 2nd, the 2018 AALEAD Origins Summer Program officially concluded after serving over 100 youth grades 6 to 12 across the DC metropolitan area in Montgomery County

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