Sarah Jung

Sarah Jung (she/her/they/them) serves as the Youth Facilitation Coordinator with AALEAD in the DC division. She is committed to empowering underserved youth through practicing empathy, providing guidance, and nurturing their creativity. 

From a young age, Sarah had always been a part of her community and involved in the growth of the younger generation before hers by taking leadership roles and volunteer opportunities at local churches and schools. Since then, she has always been invested in and passionate about the development of young people. She believes in their power as well as their impact on the world around them and is committed to making sure their voices are heard and supported. 

Sarah identifies as a queer Korean American who was raised in Vancouver, Canada, for most of her life. Her passion for art and education brought her to the city of Baltimore, where she pursued her bachelor’s degree in illustration and creative writing at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Throughout her years there, she fell in love with the sense of community as well as the art scene that was prevalent in the DMV area. She resides in Baltimore, MD, with her friends and two cats, Oliver and Iggi. 

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