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  • A Mentor’s Journey

    by Donna J. Banzon, Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) Mentor, and Freidricka M. Camille, Mentoring Success Specialist Photo Courtesy of AALEAD Staff Often times in mentoring spaces, the narrative focuses on the mentee experience and the impact mentoring has on the mentees of the program.  Very little narrative is produced that reflects the journey of learning for the mentors.  Are mentors learning? If so, how has the mentori

  • CCMP Summer Internship Reflection: Empowerment with New Perspectives

    By Kenny Hong, College and Career Mentoring Program Intern Photos courtesy of Kenny Hong and Freidricka Camille, College and Career Mentoring Program Coordinator My name is Kenny Hong and, for the past summer, I have been the College and Career Mentoring Program Intern. I am a rising senior at Carnegie Mellon University, and I plan to attend law school next year—granted, that I did not utterly bomb my LSAT a few weeks ago. Over the summer, I have gained tremendous insight into AALEAD, the m

  • A Youth Review on the College and Career Mentoring Program

    By: Freidricka Camille, College and Career Mentoring Program Coordinator, and Jiafu L., Annandale High School Alumni, Class of 2019 Photos courtesy of Freidricka Camille This summer 2019 marks the one year anniversary since post-secondary planning for high school seniors was fully incorporated into the College and Career Mentoring Program (CCMP), which supports older youth in AALEAD in planning for and navigating post-secondary transitions in life after high school. For youth who choose attend

  • Supporting First Generation College Students

    By: Neel Saxena, Executive Director Photos courtesy of AALEAD staff & various sources source: https://imag</p>





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    Reflections of a Community College Program Coordinator

    by Freidricka Camille, Community College and Internship Programs Coordinator Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff With the fall weather in full swing, it is hard to believe that it has been nearly a month since I started office hours at Montgomery College in Rockville. I have “met” and communicated with

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