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  • #HashtagActivism in the VA Programs

    By Pallavi Rudraraju, VA Middle School Program Coordinator

    Photos courtesy by Pallavi Rudraraju

    This week, AALEAD youth in Fairfax County learned about Hashtag Activism, a form of Digital Organizing.

    The New Kids on the Block: AALEAD expands programming to Arlington, VA

    By Neel Saxena, Executive Director

    Photos courtesy of Various Sources

    Over the past 10 years, Asian American LEAD went from a local youth development organization to the

  • My Favorite AALEAD Moment, pt1.

    By: Pallavi Rudrataju, VA Middle School Program Coordinator; and Ha Nguyen, Development & Communications Associate

    Photo Courtesy of AALEAD Staff

    The Back to School season is finally upon us. Here at AALEAD, this is the time where our program staff work even more diligently together to kick off the AALEAD's After School and Mentoring Programs for the new

  • Networking AALEAD Style

    By Yonsoo Kang, VA Middle School Program Coordinator Photos Courtesy of Yonsoo Kang Hello hello! Spring is finally here and my allergies are not acting up for the first time in my life! Our youth in VA had some interesting experiences during February and March. In February, we learned about famous Black activists, artists, and leaders in the US and around the world during Black History Month. In March, VA Programs Intern Eileen and I helped our youth to become young professionals by expos

  • Top Three Things I’ve Learned at AALEAD

    By Eileen Chen, VA Programs Intern Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff VA Programs Coming into this internship in the fall, I was excited about all the things that I could offer to the youth in the programs.

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