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  • Message from the ED: A Month of Transition & Planning

    August is when the DC region slows down.  But not totally at AALEAD!  Our staff do get to take a break between summer and school-year programs, but August is also always a busy time with transitions and organization-building activities. This August, we continued to work on our next 3-year strategic plan for FY15 - FY17.  We will be sharing more on that in the fall once our plan is finalized. We held our Annual Staff Retreat August 5-7.  We had a very productive retreat with all staff parti

  • DC Students Explain What AALEAD Means To Them

    By My Nguyen, DC Middle & High School Program Coordinator Photo Courtesy of AALEAD Staff For the past few months, I’ve been working with a group of middle and high school students, and during my time with them, I have been able to witness the growth that some of these students displayed through programs. I have been consistently impressed with all of our youth, and would like to mention three high school students who have emerged as leaders of our program and serve as role models to our

  • Staff Spotlight: He’ll Tell You Something Good!

    By Sharon Choi, Development & Communications Manager Photos courtesy of AALEAD Staff

    Only having been with us since April 2014, AALEAD's Parent Outreach Coordinator, Charles Kuo, has already made such an impact, not only on our parents, but on our youth, too. If you ever come by our offices or programs, you won't ever miss Charles! He always has a smile on his face and brings amazing energy to AALEAD. Read on, to get to know him a bit better!
  • Summer Kinect Reflection: Haiku Poems

    By AALEAD Youth Photos by AALEAD Staff As youth slowly say good bye to summer vacation and prepare to go back to school to begin another year of learning and growth, we reflect back on their experiences in AALEAD's Summer Kinect program in Montgomery County, MD. To close out the summer program, AALEADers wrote haiku poems about their time with friends, on field trips, and favorite memories. Below are some of these poems: By Team Sprinklers Small group we might be <

  • MD Summer Kinect Finale!

    By Antwoine Johnson, AALEAD Staff Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff & Interns Two weeks ago, we had our final week of AALEAD's MD Summer Kinect program. What a program we had this summer! This year was made extra special by the fact that AALEAD was able to serve 85 students! We were able to give our youth many opportunities to experience new things they otherwise may not have had a chance to.  Youth went to the Comedy Spot to learn improvisation skills, learned and discussed mental health is

  • AALEAD’s 3rd Annual Eid Celebration

    By Melor Suhaimi, AALEAD Staff Photos courtesy of AALEAD Staff & Youth To me, Eid is a special time where I get to spend time with my family, eat a lot of food, and enjoy the holiday! And for the third time in AALEAD history, I was able to spend the Eid holiday with the AALEAD family last Friday night. Our Muslim youth collaborated every lunch period during AALEAD's MD Summer Kinect program to brainstorm and plan ideas for our 3rd Annual Eid Celebration. AALEADers wanted to share the tra

  • VA High School Staff Introduction: Shaima Ahmad

    Hi my name is Shaima Ahmad and I am the VA High School Program Coordinator. I began at AALEAD as a DC Elementary School Summer Program teacher. I was able to make such a strong connection with the kids that I found it hard to say goodbye, and it was hook, line and sinker for me.  I transitioned over to the role of Site Coordinator for our program at Thomson Elementary School, where I have continued working over the past year. What I love about working with AALEAD is the sense of fa

  • New MD High School Staff Introduction: Ari Pak

    [caption id="attachment_9914" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The group at the wonderful Eid celebration from last Friday, organized by the amazing Eid Squad! Photo Credit: AALEAD Youth"]

    Goodbye for Now, AALEAD!

    By Alex Neeley, DC Elementary School Program Intern Photo Courtesy of AALEAD Staff As the DC Elementary School Summer Program came to a close, I sat in a classroom recalling the past five weeks. Where had all the time gone? It seemed like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in a circle in the Tiger Class, imploring the students to take part in an icebreaker. Now as the program comes to an end, it amazes me how many fun experiences we have had together and how quickly I have built relations

  • Becoming AALEAD Family

    By Heein Choi, Development & Communications Intern Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff It is amazing how much can happen over such a short period of time. For the little time I have been interning for Asian American LEAD (AALEAD), I have learned from the youth, my supervisors, and my peers. I was fortunate enough to experience AALEAD as a whole these past seven weeks. Starting from the DC office, I saw the grueling process that staff had to endure in order to make all of AALEAD’s programs pos

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