Summer Kinect Reflection: Haiku Poems


Photos by AALEAD Staff

As youth slowly say good bye to summer vacation and prepare to go back to school to begin another year of learning and growth, we reflect back on their experiences in AALEAD’s Summer Kinect program in Montgomery County, MD. To close out the summer program, AALEADers wrote haiku poems about their time with friends, on field trips, and favorite memories. Below are some of these poems:

By Team Sprinklers

Small group we might be

Usually quiet we seem

Much cooler than you.

Mostly food it is,

NumbEr Nine broke down food.

Running we did next.

Knowing we tried hard.

It improved our team-building.

Nonetheless, our loss.

Every day we try

Connecting with each other,

Together we stand.

By Team Unicorn

Searching for new friends,

Unicorns UNITED us,

Made us who we are.

Many students found

Everything was hectic.

Running through the halls.

Kids roaming around.

In the trees and in the fields,

Names were known that day.

Each day something new.

Capable, lovely, children.

This was so much fun!

By Team Pho

Seems like they were chill,

Ultimately the best group.

Most of us love pho.

Making cool machines.

Exciting, competitive,

Really creative.

Kept us laughing hard,

Improv is very funny.

Not boring at all.

Energetic kids,

Caring and always joking.

Trustworthy people.

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