As we go on, we remember

By Ha Nguyen, Development and Communications Associate

Photos courtesy of Ban Tran and Ha Nguyen


This past Saturday, AALEADers gathered together at the 2nd annual AALEAD Day in Silver Spring Civic Building to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our youth in 5th, 8th, and 12th Grade as they get ready to transition to their next journey.

AALEAD Day is an occasion for youth enrolled in AALEAD programs from all regions: DC – MD – VA to be in one space and celebrate the end of the school year together. This year, we revamped our format and included multiples of activities throughout the event so that our youths, board members, volunteers, mentors, and staff all have opportunities to spend more time engaging with each other.

As the song “Graduation” by Vitamin C goes (and yes, the song was played when we started our Youth Recognition ceremony)

As we go on, we remember all the times we had together
And as our lives change, come whatever
We will still be AALEAD family forever

AALEAD is proud of the accomplishments that our youth have done and excited for their next adventure! Congratulations again to

  • 12 of our Elementary School youth: Luz C., Lili I., Minnie Z., Nora A., May A., David D., Phuoc D., Alecille L., Duytam N., Shahzadeh P., Randy T., and Andy V.
  • 27 of our Middle School youth: Camille G., Rania H., Zehan H., Ahmed S., Marisela Z., Andrew Z., Kavi C., Keimora G., Erin K., Adirut K., Evelyn L., Jacob P., Miya G., Alferlo D., Zamyra W., Jenny L., Lance B., Jerry L., Macro A., Kelly H., Hellen H., Keanan N., Ryan N., Nathnael A., Richard M., Emily N., and Tracy N.
  • 35 of our High School youth: Amy C., Eugene K., Han L., Lisa L., Alwyn M., Jordan M., Michael N., Long N., Adbullah S., Jennifer V., Cyndi N., Suong T., Richard N., Aritra R., Suraya M., Najwa A., Najat A., Mariela M., Rafhael H., Hoang N., Alex T., Farhana A., Jeremy G., Aung K., Ralanda S., Simon T., Ying C., Yingzhi D., Yuanlong D., Ha D., Ellen G., Ying L., Michelle Z., Guillermo O., and Matthew N.
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