Bringing Back Summer Programs

By Hannah Casey, VA Middle School Program Coordinator

Photo courtesy of Ari Pak

Something is emerging from an underground slumber this summer, and I’m not talking about Brood X. After a several-summer hiatus, AALEAD Virginia is excited to be bringing summer programs back this July! 

Following the words of Hannah Montana, AALEAD VA’s summer programs are all about offering the best of both worlds: logistically, with virtual and in-person opportunities, as well as content-wise, with a balance between projects focusing on Asian Pacific American (APA) mental health and traditional summer fun 

With the Olympics right around the corner, “Challenge Days”—days of group competition (think trivia, field days, online games)— bring the competition closer to home. Youth will have the chance to group into Olympic teams to build community and kick butt, during “Challenge Days” and typical program days alike. 

While this is the first AALEAD VA summer in a few years, we were able to learn a lot from DC’s 2020 summer program when people were baking bread and still figuring out how to use zoom, pictured below. 

If our staff looked this fierce last year, I can only imagine the power of the Olympic teams this year! 

AALEAD’s summer programs balance safety, community, fun, and learning whether we are online or in-person 

With spots still available, enrollment is open through the end of the month! [

Nora (Grade 7), said it best: “I am excited for AALEAD summer programs because I can’t wait to be in person and do fun things with you guys!” Me too, Nora. See you all soon! 

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