Capturing The Essence Of Our Elementary School Program

By Saadia Ahmad, DC Elementary School Program Coordinator
Photos Courtesy of Saadia Ahmad

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; so when I was asked to do this blog at a time where AALEAD participated in the Lights On Afterschool campaign, I wanted to capture the essence of our DC Elementary School Program through pictures and continue spreading awareness of the importance and impact of our program on young people.

For 20 years, AALEAD has been serving our youth in the DC metropolitan area. Come have a glimpse inside one of our oldest programs in DC and catch our confident, compassionate and energetic youth during after-school programs.

HAPPINESS – We understand the importance of play for our emotional strength and never forget to have fun


EMPATHY – We feel our friends’ pain and are always there for them


TEAM SPIRIT – We are better and stronger together


PATIENCE – We learn to wait because we care for every voice to be heard


LEADERSHIP – We use our kind words and show our excellent leadership skills by taking on a responsibility everyday


READING BUDDIES – We read and create new stories weekly with our older AALEAD friends


UNFRAZZLED – We are supported by our AALEAD teachers and peers during homework time


SPOTLESS – We care for our school and work together to keep it clean


LOUD & PROUD – We use our loud and proud voice when the Vaporeon is in our hands


1, 2, 3 POSE! – And we never forget to show off our projects and pose for the camera

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