DC MS/HS Update: The Past Six Months

By Shobana Modur, DC Middle and High School Program Coordinator
Photos by AALEAD staff

In December 2014, I was brought on as the new DC Middle and High School Program Coordinator.  Almost immediately, I was thrown into all the holiday party craziness, met AALEAD’s dedicated staff and board members, and was introduced to the DC AALEAD youth.  What struck me instantly was how they all took me in like family!

Over the course of six months, DC Middle and High School youth and I have been busy exploring colleges, talking about how to cope with our everyday stresses, dancing and creating art in Malcolm X park, reflecting on community service and its impact through volunteering with DC Central Kitchen, the Park Clean up, and Comcast Cares Day. Most importantly, we have created a strong AALEAD community through all of these activities during programs.

For the next few weeks, DC AALEADers and I will be wrapping up the end of programs, talking about sports and youth empowerment, and reflecting on this past year. The DC Youth Council will also be planning our end of the year celebration, combining both the Chinatown and Columbia Heights programs.  It’s been a busy six months with AALEAD and will be even busier once summer rolls around, but everyday spent with youth and staff have been rewarding, fulfilling, and thought-provoking.  I’m looking forward to the months and years to come!

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