Mentor Program Relaunch & National Mentoring Month

By Hannah Cheyney, Mentoring Program Manager

Happy National Mentoring Month! We are excited to announce that Asian American LEAD is re-launching our Youth Mentoring Program! Applications for mentors and mentees are now live, and pairs will start as early as March 1, 2022. Here at AALEAD, we are all excited to help support our youth, especially during this time as we come out of virtual learning and dealing with the ongoing pandemic. As Catherine Han, our Virginia Middle School Program Coordinator shared, “One of the reasons that I am excited for AALEAD’s mentoring program is to be able to provide programs for youth to show that adults really care about them and their futures. Not every youth is able to develop strong relationships with their teachers or guidance counselors. Through the mentoring program, youth can form positive role models and critical experiences.”

We are looking forward to the community of mentors and mentees that will officially begin in early March. Many mentees join our program because they feel like they need advice for life, as they are a bit lost, especially these days. Mentors provide a positive adult presence in the lives of youth, providing encouragement and support as needed. They do not fill the role of a parent, but act as a source of support that aids mentees in their development. A mentee who previously participated in our mentoring program vocalized, “Since having my mentor, I feel more confident in my abilities. I don’t shy away from new and unfamiliar things like I used to do”. It is our goal to ensure that youth feel empowered to be themselves and have the resources to push boundaries and achieve their goals. 

Mentoring has tangible effects. With a mentor, young people are:

52% less likely to skip a day of school.

• 78% more likely to volunteer regularly in their communities.

• 130% more likely to hold a leadership position in a club or sports team.


To be a mentor, you qualify for our program by living in the DMV area, being over the age of 21, passing background and reference checks and having a lifestyle in which you can commit to mentoring for at least one year (6 hours each month). 

To be a mentee, you qualify for our program by living in the DMV area, being between the ages of 8 and 18, and having interest in spending time with a mentor with shared interests for at least one year (6 hours each month). 

If you are interested in becoming a participant, both mentee and mentor applications are available on our website mentoring page.  What better way to celebrate National Mentoring Month than by becoming a mentee or mentor?

We are looking forward to being able to support AAPI youth with more holistic services as we come out of virtual learning and are dealing with the ongoing effects of the pandemic. In recognition of National Mentoring Month 2022, Asian American LEAD’s Mentoring Program will be taking over AALEAD’s social media accounts to raise awareness on the importance of mentoring and to celebrate mentoring. Follow our social media to keep up with us! 

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