Message from the ED: Life is Precious

The devastation in Nepal and broken community bonds closer to home in Baltimore are so tragic that I am nearly beyond words.  I felt it was important to say something, however, as saying nothing fails to recognize the tragedies impacting youth in our world today.

In Nepal, it has been terrible to see the increases in the number of lives lost day by day.  But it’s been encouraging to see people asking how they can help and news stories focused on what we can do.

In both Nepal and Baltimore, we need to plan for stronger communities – in terms of infrastructure, relationships, and poverty alleviation.  When a community is already fragile, tragedies become even more damaging very quickly.

I just keep coming back to asking, what can I do?  What should I do?  I hope all of us are using this moment in time to reflect on our own lives.  Are we doing what we can to appreciate and value life?  We should not wait for tragedy to ask if we are doing the most we can do to strengthen communities.

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