Message from the Executive Director

Asian American LEAD’s vision statement that we created this summer is: Asian American LEAD envisions a United States in which low-income and underserved Asian Pacific American youth, and youth of all backgrounds, are equipped with the tools and opportunities to define themselves and their own futures.

Today, I am reflecting on how far away from this vision we are. Today, the United States is not a place where ALL youth are provided the physical and emotional safety they need to be able “to define themselves and their own futures.”

How do we keep our youth safe? How do we create communities in which fear of difference is not the norm?

As we begin the Thanksgiving holiday, I know those of us who are able to keep the young people in our lives physically and emotionally safe feel thankful for that. I hope each of us reflects on what we are doing to make sure that we are nurturing safe spaces for all of our youth. There is much more that we all need to do to create a world that is safer and more inclusive.

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