National Mentoring Month Highlight: Eugene K.

By Eugene K., Current VA Youth Mentee
Photo Courtesy of Eugene

NMM 2017 Eugene

Eugene (right) with this mentor, Dave (left)

This last youth mentee spotlight this month comes from Eugene, who is dual-enrolled in our Mentoring Program and our VA after-school program. Eugene is an instantly recognizable member of our AALEAD Family – he’s rarely seen without his headphones, which sit firmly around his neck, and the look in his eyes tells you that the gears in his mind are always turning. Eugene has been in the Mentoring Program for almost 2 years, and is currently working with his mentor to identify his options for college. He is bright, reliable, and kind. I sincerely thank Eugene for contributing to this post, as he is especially busy with school and other activities this month. – Stephanie Lim, Mentoring & Volunteer Programs Coordinator

On being matched with his mentor, Dave:

I learn things from him that will assist me in the future. I also have fun hanging out with my mentor, talking about random topics, and getting to know him. My mentor is always there to listen to my problems or anything I want to talk about, which I find very calming and comfortable.

On what he usually does on mentoring outings, and if he has a favorite memory of spending time with his mentor:

We go out to eat somewhere nice and work on our goals together. And I don’t have a favorite memory because all the time I’ve spent with my mentor has all been very memorable and enjoyable.

On advice he has for youth who are considering joining the Mentoring Program and what he’s learned from having a mentor:

You may be able to experience new things you didn’t get to do with your friends and families. I learned that i have the ability to do more than I thought I could because my mentor has taught me so much to the point where I am now able to see the things I couldn’t with my own eyes. I am glad to have learned that.

Learn more about AALEAD’s Youth Mentoring Program here. Next week’s post will highlight our first Mentoring Event of 2017. Stay tuned!

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