National Mentoring Month Highlight: Sue G.

By Sue G., Current MD Youth Mentee
Photo Courtesy of Shanice Lo, MD Middle School Program Coordinator

We are halfway through National Mentoring Month, and I am excited to share another account of one of our youth mentees! This week’s post comes from Sue G., who is an active member of our MD Programs. I first met Sue when I visited her after-school program in Fall 2015. I remember being nervous, as it was one of my first Maryland site visits. But, I also remember Sue putting me at ease with her friendliness and her willingness to talk with me. Sue was finally matched with her mentor, Sarvazad, in the Spring of 2016. Sue is thoughtful, kind, and a leader in the making!  – Stephanie Lim, Mentoring & Volunteer Programs Coordinator

2017 NMM Sue

On why she decided to join the Mentoring Program, and how she has benefited thus far:

I decided to join the Mentoring Program because I wanted someone to discuss my future with. I wanted to be able to have a person that I could depend on with things I needed help on, whether it was my education or my social life. So far, I’ve gotten what I had expected and wished from this program. It helped me relax more knowing I have someone to ask for help and get advice from.

On her mentor, Sarvazad:

My mentor has helped me create speeches when I was running for president in the SGA from school, and taught how to be a good leader. She also gave me a book on great public speakers. My favorite memory is of when we went to the Mentoring Bowling Event. That day was the first time I ever bowl, and I believe I managed to do pretty well. This event helped us connect more and I’m grateful for that.

On Sue’s continued growth in the Mentoring Program:

I hope to grow academically and socially, and be brought more out of my shell. I hope to earn help as I live through the beginnings of high school. Also, improve my skills in planning and learn to organize more.

Please look forward to next week’s post, and learn more about AALEAD’s Youth Mentoring Program here.

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