National Mentoring Month: Kelvin and Fucheng

By Kelvin C., Current AALEAD Mentor
Photos Courtesy of Kelvin C., Current AALEAD Mentor & AALEAD Staff

Thank you for joining us once again as we observe National Mentoring Month. Let’s continue celebrating the contributions of our Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) mentors with this post from Kelvin C. Happy National Mentoring Month! -Stephanie Lim, Mentoring & Volunteer Programs Coordinator


5 Questions for Kelvin

1) How did you find out about AALEAD, and why did you want to be a mentor?
I moved here from San Francisco for a new job back in 2012. I sought volunteer opportunities in the educational realm, and I came across AALEAD. AALEAD’s mission resonated with me as I started out as an international student who eventually managed to successfully navigate the U.S. education, job and immigration processes. I wanted to share my experiences with other students with similar backgrounds.

2) Can you tell us about your mentoring relationship with Fucheng?
Fucheng and I were paired up in early 2013, which was not too long after he moved to the U.S. from China. His dad was the owner of a restaurant that I frequented, so we already had a common connection. He was in middle school and was relatively new to the area, so I took the opportunity to take him on visits to regional areas of interest, such as the Baltimore Aquarium, the Smithsonian museums and a Nationals baseball game to help broaden his experiences in the DC Metro area.

3) Can you share any highlights from this past year with Fucheng?
We went to the AALEAD Scavenger Hunt in Alexandria where Fucheng and I were the first group to complete the hunt, and we received one of the highest scores. Winning the hunt was wonderful, but the key highlight was seeing Fucheng’s outgoing demeanor and realizing how much he has grown and acclimated to life in the U.S. since 2013.

Fucheng & Kelvin

4) What does being a mentor mean to you?
Being a mentor means being able to make a difference – no matter how slight – in my mentee’s life and development as an individual.

5) What’s next for you and Fucheng?
Fucheng has entered high school, and we mainly keep in touch via Facebook Messenger. I will always be available for him as a mentor, and I look forward to seeing him grow further and continuing to play a supporting role in the next stage of his life with his college admission process.

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