Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

By Chelsea Iorlano, Development & Communications Associate
Photos by AALEAD Staff

AALEAD Youth Performing at Fiesta Asia 2014

Fiesta Asia is right around the corner and our youth are ready to show off their moves!  Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) has participated in DC’s Fiesta Asia Street Festival for many years, and for the past 3 years, our participation has included an Asian Fusion dance routine.  This year will be AALEAD’s 4th year creating and performing an Asian Fusion modern dance for Fiesta Asia.

The first year we performed, AALEAD Staff led the efforts in creating and choreographing the performance.  Over the years, we have seen the Fiesta Asia Asian Fusion modern dance performance transform into an opportunity for leadership and identity development for our youth.  Whether in middle school or high school, our youth have been able to step into leadership roles by being involved with choreography and teaching their fellow AALEADers and AALEAD Staff the dance moves during programs to prepare for the street festival.  Choreographing and participating in the dance has also given youth the opportunity to develop their cultural identities.  Through the years, dance moves and music from different Asian cultures have been incorporated, from Korean pop to Bollywood, giving youth a chance to interact with different cultural influences and adapt them to their vision for the Asian Fusion modern dance.  Now, the dance is entirely youth-led.

Fiesta Asia Lead Choreographers Rehearse for Fiesta Asia

This year, we had 7 AALEADers step up to be our Fiesta Asia Lead Choreographers: Darlene R. from DC, Eljoy T. and Vicky M. from MD, and Angela M., Eugene K., Angel L., and Guliana N from VA.  Last month, we posted an update about our Fiesta Asia Lead Choreographers coming together to practice the dance that they choreographed themselves for the Fiesta Asia Street Festival.  Now, with Fiesta Asia a little more than a month away, our Fiesta Asia Lead Choreographers are ready to see their vision become a reality.

Today is the first of several Fiesta Asia full-program rehearsals.  Our Lead Choreographers will work with AALEAD Staff to make sure all youth who are participating in the dance have learned the choreography and begin to choreograph the formations and transitions for the performance.  Youth from elementary school through high school are invited to participate in the dance, as well as AALEAD Staff.  For the next several weeks, everyone at AALEAD will be busy polishing their moves and preparing to wow everyone who comes to celebrate at Fiesta Asia – we can’t wait to see you there!

VA High School Youth Practice for Fiesta Asia

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