Top 10 Reasons to Join AALEAD!!!

By Shaima Ahmad, VA Programs Manager
Photo Courtesy of AALEAD Staff

It is the start to a new school year, only a few weeks in, and programs have launched slowly but surely in FCPS. When asked why they have joined AALEAD, both new and returning AALEADers joined in the conversation and mapped out expectations for this year…

Top 10 Reasons to Join AALEAD

1) Exploring New Cultures (especially through FOOD)

2) Making New and Lasting Friendships

3) College Preparatory Support

4) Fun and Exciting Weekend Events and Field Trips

5) Exploring Our Own Identities

6) Positive Peer Pressure

7) The Famous Orange T-Shirt

8) Leadership Opportunities Galore

9) Gain and Practice New Skills

10) A Sense of Belonging….FAMILY!!!


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