VA High School Programs Kick Off!

By Shaima Ahmad, VA High School Program Coordinator
Photos Courtesy of Shaima Ahmad, AALEAD Staff

The past few weeks have been super exciting for AALEAD’s VA High School program. After many a lunch recruitment session we officially began after school programming this week. The students at Annandale High have shown much interest and have been very keen to find out what AALEAD is all about. The lunch sessions gave the them the opportunity to get more insight about what the after school program entails. At this time students watched an introductory video and were able to ask questions about AALEAD. The kids enjoyed pizza for lunch and hanging out with their friends.

This week students worked on basically getting to know each other through fun ice breaker and team building activities. They broke up into groups and played a few highly competitive rounds of Tic Tac Toe Trivia, and gasped their way through an extremely creative round of 2 Truths and A Lie. The students also compiled a list of expectations and goals they hope to gain from AALEAD this year. This collaborative brainstorming process led to some great ideas. Some said they hoped AALEAD will help them be more prepared for the college process, while others simply want a place where they can have fun and hang out with friends all while gaining more exposure to their community.

The future looks bright for AALEAD at Annandale. As a team we hope to reach our goals and expectations for this year, all while having immense amounts of fun!

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