When Youth Facilitated Their Own Workshops

By Shaima Ahmad, Virginia Programs Manager

Photos courtesy of AALEAD Staff


Over the past few weeks, our youth at Annandale High School have worked hard to research, prepare, and facilitate workshops for their peers. Youth are given the opportunity to generate ideas for topics that they find interesting. This year we covered a variety of topics such as:


  • Martial Arts
  • Vietnamese Culture/Cuisine
  • Song Writing
  • How to Pay for College.

This series not only gives our youth an opportunity to teach and learn about topics that they are interested in but it also allows them to practice their own public speaking and facilitation skills. Check out some moments below to see what we have been up to!

VAHS Senior sharing some excellent advice on how to prepare for and fund your college education.


A glimpse into Desi culture, traditions, plus a  sampling of samosas and ras malaii!


Ways of alleviating stress and taking care of our mental health through Martial Arts



An in-depth presentation on Vietnamese culture and cuisine, youth closed by preparing Vietnamese Spring Rolls!

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