Youth Intern Spotlight

By: YLan Nguyen, MD Programs Manager and Grace D., MD Community Advocacy Intern

Photos Courtesy of Grace D.

Since the beginning of December, AALEAD Maryland staff welcomed our very first Community Advocacy Youth Intern, Grace D. For the duration of the academic school year, Grace will be supporting staff with AALEAD MD social media communications, Youth Council advocacy research projects, and more. Please join us in welcoming Grace to the team!

My name is Grace D. and I am a new intern for AALEAD MD! My focus is both community advocacy and social media and I am currently a junior at Albert Einstein High School. I enjoy researching, listening to music, photography and editing. I learned of AALEAD through an interest email and decided to check it out. My favorite part of being a part of AALEAD is that I am with people who share a similar interest and life as me and I get to do projects that I wouldn’t normally be able to do alone. I hope by the end of it I’ll be able to have more experience doing both solo and group projects/work and expand my knowledge on the community around me. I’d also love to improve my communication skills as well as be able to take a bigger role in ongoing events like Black Lives Matter and spread awareness of silenced voices.. One big step for Grace is one very small step in her advocacy dreams!

Check out some of Grace’s creative marketing posters for AALEAD’s Youth Council-led Maryland Community Day and Fall YELP! reminders:

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