Youth Media Project: Upstanding Upload

By Sharon Choi, Development & Communications Manager

Aaannd, AALEADers are back with their second youth media project!

We partnered again with the Gandhi Brigade to mobilize youth to create film projects around cyber civility. Last year, our youth created two videos around stereotypes and identity. This year, our middle and high school youth from AALEAD’s MD Middle School and MD High School Programs planned, directed, and produced a video around cyber bullying: Upstanding Upload.

Youth had the opportunity to reflect, discuss, and brainstorm around how they could relay a message important to them around cyber bullying. This video is a result of a project being led by youth from beginning to end with support from staff. We are so blown away by the work put into this project by our AALEADers. Go AALEAD!

Our video, along with youth-produced videos from all Gandhi Brigade partners and the community, will be showcased at the 8th Annual Youth Media Festival at the Civic Center in Downtown Silver Spring on Sunday, May 31. All youth videos around cyber bullying, including ours, will be shown at 12:15 pm. We hope to see you there!

Thank you to our MD Programs Manager, Melor Suhaimi, for providing support, encouragement, and love to our youth as they worked to complete this project. A huge thank you to the Gandhi Brigade for their commitment to empowering youth to express themselves through media. And most importantly, shout outs to our amazing young people who led to the awesome end result of their video: Airah S., Anna M., Dana O., Dzaky H., Fucheng L., Katherine H., Mae S., Pearl T., Rachel K., Sevin H., Sophia Y., Thanh N., Zach D.

We hope that you will continue to stay connected with AALEAD! For more photos and updates, please make sure to visit our Facebook pageTwitterYouTube and Instagram accounts for the latest updates.

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