Youth Say AALEAD Programs Are a 10 Out of 10!

By AALEAD DC High School Youth and Natie Hara, DC High School Program Coordinator
Photos Courtesy of AALEAD Staff


“Showcase was uplifting for everyone. One moment that stood out to me was being a part of the Chicken Skit. The Chicken Skit was a cinematic masterpiece written by DongYu and Lauren, two other AALEADers. Through its comedic dialogue and innovative staging, it focused on the importance of overcoming trials despite their frequency and modeled an important lesson in perseverance. During the making of the skit, everyone was able to come together to make props, figure out spacing, and memorize lines. 10/10 experience!” Tange


“The Flower Circle provided a safe environment for people to express their opinions through anonymity. People were able to focus on what they actually thought about certain social subjects like stereotypes and how it bothered them. I think some people believe that certain stereotypes are just for fun and aren’t that serious, but they can evolve into more sinister and unconscious stereotypes that can lead to outcomes such as treating someone differently based on their looks. The Flower Circle allowed us to find the stereotypes within our own lives and address them and prevent others from thinking that way. 10/10 experience!” DongYu

MOAPIA Annual Toy Giveaway

“The MOAPIA Toy Drive gave me a great opportunity to help out the community by handing out gifts for the holidays. It made me feel very involved and provided me with great memories and experiences such as cleaning up after the Toy Drive and of course giving gifts to children. Also, during the Toy Drive, I was able to meet Diana, the DC Middle School Program Coordinator, and we had a very interesting conversation about life. In the end, not only was I able to support the community, I found a new person to talk to and I’m very grateful because it showed me I have someone who can support me. 10/10 experience!” Lauren

“Programs provide new opportunities such as earning community service hours, meeting new people, going on field trips, and making a difference in the community. They also help develop communication skills, leadership, and memorable memories. 11/10 experience!”

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